Why Eggs May Increase Fibromyalgia Pain

Are eggs bad for fibromyalgia

When my pain was at its worst, I couldn’t eat eggs.

Under normal circumstances, eggs are very good for us.

But they do contain high levels of an essential fatty acid known as Arachidonic Acid.

Yes, we do need to consume some level of this essential fatty acid. Otherwise it wouldn’t be considered “essential” for our body to function.

But Arachidonic Acid is also pro-inflammatory. It increases inflammation and provides the fuel for the inflammatory response to kick in.

Make no mistake.

Inflammation is also something that’s essential for a healthy body.

But some of us have too much inflammation in our body.

How do you know?

If you have chronic pain you have too much inflammation.

In my case, inflammation had taken over. I was in constant pain, which traveled throughout my body, popping up here and there, with constant pain in my lower back.

Every natural healthcare expert I saw pointed to one thing: Too much inflammation.

Then, someone handed me a book about reducing inflammation naturally, with diet.

It’s called Inflammation Nation and it’s written by Dr. Floyd H. Chilton, PhD.

The book contains a list of foods high in Arachidonic Acid, and attaches a number to them. The goal is to keep keep your daily allowance under this number.

In addition to eggs, red meat contains a lot of Arachidonic Acid. During the time I avoided eggs, I also avoided fatty red meat and gravy.

Why Eggs May Increase Fibromyalgia Pain

Before I made the connection between Arachidonic Acid and inflammation, I was left with a mystery.

On Sunday mornings, my husband would make big omelets for breakfast.

They were delicious.

But by Sunday afternoon I could barely walk.

This happened week after week, like clockwork.

After a couple of days I would start to feel a little better. But I was always in some degree of pain, usually a lot, even without eating eggs.

Then I discovered the connection between Arachidonic Acid and inflammation.

Inflammation is what causes pain.

Some level of inflammation is needed. Inflammation is what helps us recover when we’re sick. The inflammatory process also kicks ijn when we’re injured, to facilitate healing.

In some of us, though, inflammation has gone into overdrive. It doesn’t turn off and it causes pain and general poor health.

Instead of taking pharmaceuticals to tame my inflammation, I decided to attack it naturally. This meant drastic diet change, as well as various other natural healing methods, which you can read about in my online course called Natural Pain Management Strategies.

Are Eggs Bad For Fibromyalgia?

Fortunately, I only had to give up eggs temporarily, for a few years.

After that, because I had embarked upon a lifestyle change, my body began to heal.

Yes, even if you have fibromyalgia you can feel better. It’s all about reducing inflammation.

Giving up eggs was one of the MANY ways I managed to get well again.

Yes, I still have pain. But it’s in the background now, not ruining my life.

I can go for long walks in the woods. Before I could barely walk across the room.

Fatigue took much longer to improve. But I’m getting there.

Do Eggs Cause Fibro Pain?

I don’t want to give the false impression that giving up eggs and doing nothing else to improve your health will result in marked improvement.

Instead, this is one of many changes you may want to try on the road to wellness.

Note that I’m not claiming that I’m cured of chronic pain. Just that it’s not that much of a problem now.

It still flares up if I’m coming down with something. Or if a hurricane is forming, even if it’s hundreds of miles away. Or sometimes just for no reason at all.

But I do have my life back and I’m grateful.

Getting well again involved a lot of trial and error. But I stuck with it.

It took years and I made a number of mistakes.

But changing my diet was a huge help. I highly recommend finding what foods bother you and eliminating them.

Fortunately, with the Internet, I was able to find out about a number of alternative treatments, without spending tens of thousands of dollars. (I did have a head start because I ended up spending a lot of money on natural healthcare when my children were little, because they suffered from low immunity. So I knew where to put my money and where to save it.

My advice: Learn to listen to your body. Learn to trust it. Learn to view chronic pain as something that can be healed and not covered up with drugs.

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