Is Fibromyalgia Really Adrenal Fatigue?

is fibromyalgia really adrenal fatigue

Would you rather have a chronic, incurable and possibly progressive condition? Or would you rather have hope. This means you’d still have a persistent illness. It’s not going to go away easily. But there’s also no reason to assume that it’s going to get worse. You set your mind to getting better. And you useRead more

Does Zyflamend Work For Fibromyalgia?

does Zyflamend work for fibromyalgia

Zyflamend is a wildly popular dietary supplement. Even though its name has a pharmaceutical ring, it contains only herbs. Actually, it’s made with a mix of 10 herbs. These include rosemary, turmeric, ginger, tulsi (holy basil), green tea, hu zhang, Chinese goldthread, barberry, oregano and Chinese skullcap. It’s believed this combination creates a synergy thatRead more

Homeopathy For Fibromyalgia Pain

homeopathy for chronic pain

Homeopathy can be very helpful for dealing with chronic pain. However, you’ll probably obtain the best results working with a skilled professional. Unlike using essential oils, or herbs, homeopathy is not a do-it-yourself endeavor. (There is a form of homeopathy that doesn’t require a professional. This is flower remedies. I’ll discuss these in another post.)Read more