Finding Meaning In Your Pain

living well despite the pain

There’s no getting around the fact that chronic pain stinks. I know, because I lived with excruciating back pain for about six years. It radiated down my leg, and prevented me from getting a good night’s sleep. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get comfortable in bed. It was no picnic being awakeRead more

Fibromyalgia And Cracking Joints

fibromyalgia and cracking joints

When my chronic pain hit, I noticed another trouble symptom. This was cracking joints. I had pains that traveled, throughout my body. But the worst pain was in my lower back. This is also where I heard the cracking. It was an annoying symptom. At one point, it became so bad that I worried peopleRead more

Fibromyalgia I Feel Lazy

fibromyalgia I feel lazy

I’ve lived with chronic pain for more than a decade. Along with this comes fatigue. But I’m blessed. Some days I feel pretty energetic. Other days, I’m tired. My tired days tend to happen after a stretch of higher energy ones. That’s probably because I oftentimes push myself really hard when I can. Then, theRead more

Fibromyalgia And Complaining – Why It Does No Good

fibromyalgia and complaining - why it does not good

Here’s why I think it’s much better to share your struggles with fibromyalgia in a support group, rather than with your friends and acquaintances. To expect people who aren’t living with this condition to truly understand is to expect the impossible. This can invariably lead to frustration and disappointment. I realize everyone may not agreeRead more

Doing Housework With Fibromyalgia

how to do housework with fibro

At one time I was so sick I could barely move. Needless to say, housework fell by the wayside. What little that got done was done by my husband and children. I watched this all from the couch, where I spent most of my days. So I totally get that chronic pain and housework don’tRead more