How To Avoid Fibromyalgia Treatment Scams

how to avoid fibromyalgia treatment scams

Facebook and other social media platforms are a wonderful way to find support if you have chronic pain.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of things to watch out for. One is the constant negativity expressed in some of the forums. This can get discouraging.

Also, scammers frequent these forums. They promote various “cures” that will supposedly end the chronic pain and fatigue. Even though these people offer a natural solution, they may still be a scammers.

That’s because it’s highly unlikely that a single, one-shot remedy can result in long-lasting relief, never mind a cure.

In addition, what works for one person may not work for another. When done right, holistic medicine should be highly individualized. Most holistic healers are well aware that not all remedies are good for everyone.

Consequently, I tend to view all single products claiming to be curative as false advertising. Some remedies may definitely bring relief. But I’ve found that it’s unrealistic to expect one formula to lead to huge improvements, in and of itself. (However, if you’re looking for me to say that natural medicine is a lot of bunk, I won’t That’s because I’m a huge fan of natural medicine. It’s given me my life back. The overstated claims and outright fraud are what I don’t like.)

How to Avoid Fibromyalgia Treatment Scams

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First, let me stress that I don’t discount natural remedies. Not at all. In fact, because of natural remedies, my pain has receded to the point where I’m now living a fairly normal life.

Recently, I hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for 40. This was something I couldn’t have done as easily when my symptoms were at my worst. It did take some advance preparation. I spent weeks getting my house ready. I shopped early to avoid a last-minute present-wrapping rush. I made sure to pace myself, so I wasn’t exhausted when the party started. My family also helped a lot, especially as the guests arrived.

I knew I’d “pay” the next day with fatigue. Actually, I ended up “paying” for a couple of days. But it was all worth it.

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Scams

Do I considered myself cured? Not at all. Did I get better because of a single remedy? That would have been nice. Instead, my health improved because I incorporated a long-list of lifestyle changes. Perhaps the most important was diet. Not eating wheat or consuming dairy products has made a huge difference. I also avoid refined sugar and GMOs. Genetically modified food has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals, as well as stomach inflammation.

Eating clean takes work. It’s hard, but necessary. Otherwise, I’d probably be living in a lot of pain. When I deviate from my diet and eat something with sugar (even if it’s organic sugar), my pain flares. This has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence.

Knowing how many things I had to do to regain my health makes me really skeptical of quick cures. I know everyone is different. Some people may have relatively mild symptoms. So a single remedy, such as Zyflamend or CBD oil, may make them feel a lot better. However, my pain was so intense that I could barely walk. That’s why I needed to take drastic measures.

Alternative Medicine Scams

Many of the people who post on Facebook fibromyalgia forums are at least as sick as I was, judging by their comments. So it’s probably unlikely that a single remedy will lead to substantial long-term relief. I do occasionally find that a certain herbal supplement results in amazing relief. But this usually isn’t long lasting. That’s because I need to rotate my remedies so they keep working. Otherwise, the benefits seem to go away.

I suspect many others are the same. Even though I’m not a doctor, and I can’t give medical advice, I can do Internet research. It seems as if herbal remedies are not designed to be taken indefinitely. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a professional, rather than just take over-the-counter supplements indiscriminately. It’s also important to check with your regular doctor before taking a supplement, especially if you’re also taking prescription medication.

How To Avoid Holistic Health Scams

Fibromyalgia pain can be so excruciating that “miracle” cures become really attractive. People fall for them, because they want relief.

Most Facebook fibromyalgia support groups have strict rules about members trying to hawk their wares. The groups are designed for support, not marketing. However, some groups are so large that enforcement is difficult. In an active group that has 40,000 members, it’s almost impossible for administrators to monitor every post. So outright sales pitches get through. Even if they’re eventually deleted from the group, there’s still time to lure the unsuspecting.

Also, supplement sellers have found ways to get around this ban on selling. They contact members directly, though Facebook private messaging. Some sellers are quite persistent.

Can Alternative Medicine Cure Fibromyalgia?

Unfortunately, inflated claims can give alternative medicine a bad name. Someone may buy one of these (typically overpriced) formulas and expect quick relief. When they don’t find it, they may write off holistic healing altogether. This is especially sad because mainstream medicine offers little hope either, aside from palliative treatment with drugs.

The truth is that for most of us there are no quick fixes. Some of us appear to respond well to natural remedies. The people who report good results (from what I’ve seen) are the same ones that pay attention to what they eat. Remember, I not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice. This is only what I’ve observed.

Diet Changes for Relief from Fibromyalgia

I doubt I would have recovered to the point I can live a normal life again if I continued to eat junk. I loved my junk food. Changing my diet wasn’t easy. But I needed to. Things had gotten so bad that I would have needed a wheelchair if something didn’t change.

In fact, I made so many lifestyle changes, and took so many natural remedies, that it would be impossible to list them all in a single blog post. That’s part of the reason I created an easy-to-follow online course that describes what I did, along with the mistakes I made. It’s designed to help others formulate their own unique healing plan.

Is Alternative Medicine a Scam?

Alternative medicine is a wonderful thing. Practitioners look at the whole person, and try to figure out what’s causing someone’s poor health. Then they try to find a drug-free solution.

Sadly, though, a lot of people prey on the sick. Telling someone a single formula will cure them is wrong. Because it probably won’t.

So here are a few red flags, to help you evaluate whether someone is trying to take advantage of your chronic pain.

  • If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • No one supplement in and of itself is likely to bring long-lasting relief for everyone. However, some people may find long-lasting relief from a certain supplement. This means they’ve hit upon something that really works for them. Or their symptoms may not have been that severe in the first place.
  • Getting better will probably involve diet changes. This is difficult to hear. Everyone wants an easy fix. But it’s better to know the truth. The Standard American Diet is very unhealthy. Most good alternative practitioners know this. They’ll tell you what foods to avoid and they’ll try to correct underlying nutritional deficiencies.
  • Watch out for multilevel marketing sales pitches. Although the quality of the products may be good, you also pay several layers of commission. This is built into the price. That’s why comparable products sold directly to the consumer typically cost much less.
  • Essential oils can be very helpful, both in terms of controlling pain and controlling stress. But you don’t have to buy multilevel marketing oils. Good products exist that aren’t sold this way. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a non-MLM brand that you trust.
  • Aggressive sales pitches are usually a red flag. This is especially true if there’s an artificial time element, along with pressure to buy now, or the price will go up, or the product will become unavailable. If a deal is that good it will still be available tomorrow, or in two weeks. So you can wait, and then decide if something’s right for you. This is much better than making a decision under pressure.
  • Feel free to report marketing efforts to the group administrator. The groups are designed for support, not for sales prospecting.
  • Be aware that some groups are designed solely to sell courses and other products. This is why they exist.

Anyway, speaking from personal experience, I needed a wide-ranging healing protocol. It involved diet changes, and giving up some of my favorite foods. I’d be misleading you if I tried to tell you that a single remedy would lead to long-lasting improvement, if lifestyle changes weren’t part of the plan.

Anyway, you can read about what I did in my easy-to-follow course on natural healing. It’s not meant as medical advice. It’s designed as a road map to help you find your own unique path to wellness.

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How to avoid fibromyalgia treatment scams

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