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I was very sick. I’m convinced that all of the natural remedies in the world were not going to make a difference, if I didn’t clean up my diet.

This was something I delayed, as long as possible. Eventually, though, I realized the processed junk I loved to eat was making me sick.

So I did a total overhaul of my diet. I still eat well. And I consume enough calories. I’m not hungry. All I did was to start eating real food.

I’m not a fan of raw food diets and radical low carb is not for me. Instead, I strive for balance. I eat meat, potatoes and all kinds of comfort food, as long as it’s real food and doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients.

I highly recommend eating real food. There are very few blanket recommendations. But this is one of them. For me, this means the difference between sickness and health. Very soon after starting a real food diet, I regained a lot of my energy.

Most of my meals I cook from scratch. This, however, involved a learning curve. That’s why I encourage anyone who thinks they need extra help to sign up for Real Plans. (Even for just a month or two.) This is a healthy meal planning service that shows you how to cook delicious meals using real food ingredients. It’s designed to save time, and money. For more information, click on the image below.