Is Fibromyalgia Real Or Fake?

Is fibromyalgia real or fake

Fibromyalgia pain is very real. If you suffer from chronic widespread body pain, you won’t disagree.

In fact, you may get angry if someone suggests it’s not real.

(Please don’t get angry. Just read this post to the end.)

I believe the anger is misplaced.

There is a medical condition called fibromyalgia. There are drugs to treat this condition.

But there’s no single test diagnostic test.

That’s why some argue there’s no such thing. Because fibromyalgia is generally a diagnosis of exclusion, after everything else is ruled out.

A fibromyalgia diagnosis is made based upon a constellation of symptoms. It’s lack of a definitive test that makes fibromyalgia so controversial.

If you’ve already read this far, I won’t bore you with listing the symptoms. Unfortunately, you already know what they are.

Because you’re living with them.

This doesn’t mean everyone believes that fibromyalgia exists. Especially doctors.

Because there’s no one test.

The lack of a definitive test is a tripwire. It leads to the false conclusion the pain isn’t real. Like it’s all in your head.

However, fibromyalgia is real. Because the pain is real.

So I think what we really should be asking is, “what’s causing the pain?”

Is Fibromyalgia Real or Fake?

I honestly think most people mean no harm when they question whether or not fibromyalgia is real. I include doctors in this assessment.

Because no standard test exists.

Actually, I don’t think it’s bad if people question the diagnosis, but recognize the pain.

Here’s why.

Slapping a label on something, without trying to find the underlying cause, is counterproductive.

Why not focus on treating the underlying cause? And improving your health?

I would think that people with chronic pain want to know why. What’s fueling the pain? What can be done to stop it?

Pain is caused by inflammation. We know it’s possible to reduce inflammation, naturally.

Sometimes I see a lot of anger in the fibromyalgia community. I believe it’s misplaced.

There’s a knee-jerk reaction when they hear anything that runs contrary their view of fibromyalgia.

I understand the frustration of having pain that doesn’t go away.

But here’s why we shouldn’t get angry, when the origin of the condition is questioned.

Is Fibromyalgia A Real Illness

Instead, look at it another way. Why bind yourself to a diagnosis? Instead, why not think more outside the box?

This might lead you to explore other theories.

Including the theory that fibromyalgia may be a manifestation of adrenal fatigue.

Did you know that at one time, the group of symptoms we call “fibromyalgia” used to be known as “adrenal fatigue?”

I learned this after visiting the website of a popular online chiropractor named  Dr. Russell Schierling, DC.

The good news is that adrenal fatigue can be reversed. To the point where you feel a lot better, and pain no longer rules your life.

I’m living proof of that.

In my case, pain means I can walk again. I can go for long walks outdoors. Instead of just hobbling around the kitchen.

This doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the pain. They just may not believe in the cause.

Is Fibromyalgia Pain Real?

So what do I believe?

I believe that widespread body pain is very real. So do the people close to me, who watched me suffer.

My pain was so bad it was visible. My leg muscles would often go into spasms. To the point I could barely walk.

This was evident to anyone who was watching. In fact, I wished it wasn’t so evident. Because I didn’t like the attention or the questions.

One person even asked if I had “post polio syndrome.”

So I definitely believe a real condition exists. Way too many people suffer from it.

But I don’t want to become attached to a label. Even fibromyalgia. Because it’s a label that’s limiting.

The mainstream medical community believes fibromyalgia is permanent. It can’t get better. It typically gets worse.

Then drugs are prescribed.

Drugs may help some people feel better. But if you spend any time in online support groups, you’ll quickly realize that some of the sickest people seem to take the most drugs.

I realize this is an unscientific sample. However, I’ve noticed a pattern. Those of us who report feeling better use natural remedies.

The good news is that the constellation of symptoms we call “fibromyalgia” may respond to natural remedies.

Does fibromyalgia really exist

Is Fibromyalgia Real Or Mental?

There is a nasty stigma surrounding fibromyalgia. That it’s all in your head.

This is mean, cruel and unacceptable.

It is true many people with chronic pain are also chronically depressed.

But depression is probably not the sole cause of excruciating pain. It may be a contributing factor. Especially if it involves emotional trauma, as researchers are learning that fibro may be triggered by trauma.

This is why I believe it’s so important to advocate for yourself. It empowers us if we can learn to research our condition. This enables us to ask the right questions.

Then, if we’re not getting the help we need, we can switch doctors. Or we can try to work with our own doctor, in order to develop a personalized holistic healing plan.

In a perfect world, everyone would have access to natural medicine. It would be low cost, widely available and covered by insurance.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true. It’s hard to find a good naturopathic doctor. There are often long waiting lists (a good sign). Also, it can be even more difficult to pay for one of these practitioners.

So here’s what I did. Even though I’m not a medical professional, and cannot give medical advice, I created a very low-cost online course. It’s based upon my personal experience, gained through a lot of trial and error. The course is designed to help you work with your doctor, so you can hopefully benefit from natural medicine.

You will need to work with an open-minded physician. But I’m convinced a growing number of regular doctors would rather help their patients get well, instead of just masking pain with drugs.

For more information on this course click on the image below.

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