What To Do About Fibromyalgia Body Fatigue

what to do about fibromyalgia body fatigue

If you have fibromyalgia, I don’t have to tell you the fatigue can be crushing. You experience overwhelming and overpowering tiredness, depending upon the day.

Sometimes, though, we have an amazing amount of energy. We surprise ourselves. That’s when we overdo it. We rush around and try to do everything that needs to get done. Full of energy, we pack as much in as we can.

Then we pay. The next day we crash. It takes a good day or two to bounce back. All because we tried to live as a normal person, during an energy spurt.

Some of us don’t even have the “luxury” of energy spurts. We’re tired all the time. I know, because that was me, a decade ago.

What To Do About Fibromyalgia Body Fatigue

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Once you know you’re not dealing with anything more serious than fibromyalgia ,the standard advice is just to pace yourself. Avoid doing too much in one day. Try to rest between activities. If you happen to overdo it, the best recourse is to lighten your schedule for the next day or two. Some people may even need longer to recover.

For instance, I normally bounce back within a day or two. However, a recent vacation was exhausting. We were on the go for the more than a week. We didn’t stop. Even on a good day, I need some down time. This didn’t happen.

My diet is also very clean. Normally, I eat unprocessed organic food. Being on the road meant restaurant meals. These contained unknown ingredients. So needless to say, I quickly became fatigued. However, I was still very grateful for the ability to travel.

Fibromyalgia Fatigue Can Be Debilitating

My fibromyalgia symptoms have improved greatly, thanks to a lifestyle overhaul. I’ve used, and still use, a lot of natural remedies to help control my inflammation. I’ve totally changed my diet and have gotten rid of foods that used to send my pain level off the charts. Now that I’m eating real food, my energy has returned. Really bad fatigue days are now a rarity, as long as I get enough sleep.

At one time, my fatigue was so bad that I had a hard time standing at the kitchen counter long enough to cook dinner. It was a vicious cycle I needed to break. In order to break it. However, in order to do this, I needed to cook just about everything from scratch.

Cooking from scratch involved a learning curve. That’s why I advise people who think they need extra help to check out Real Plans healthy meal planning service. This is a very low-cost option that’s also designed to save money, as well as time.

Natural remedies for fibro fatigue

Beating Fibromyalgia Fatigue

I looked at my condition as general poor health, rather than as a specific diagnosis. Regardless of whether I had fibro, or some other chronic inflammatory condition, the natural treatment protocol would be the same.

Beating chronic fatigue involved a combination of changing my diet, using homeopathy and taking various select supplements, at different points in my healing journey. Basically, anything I did to improve my health resulted in more energy. So there’s great hope for improvement, even after chronic fatigue sets in.

So I looked beyond labels, and just focused on getting better. Regaining my health took years. I made a lot of mistakes, and learned through trial and error. (Mistakes were costly, in terms of pain.) Everything I did is now included in an online easy-to-follow course that contains more than 20 videos. For more information, click on the image below.

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