Does Fibromyalgia Cause Lack Of Energy?

does fibromyalgia cause lack of energy

Chronic pain and chronic fatigue are like evil twins. If you have one, you often have the other.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve met anyone with fibromyalgia symptoms who also has normal energy. But I’m not surprised. Rather than thinking in terms of labels, I like to view this condition as just general poor health.

The pain, lethargy and sleep disturbances are happening because we’re sick. The good news is that we can work on improving our health. My experience is that this is possible, even if the pain is intense and you can barely make it through the day.

At one time I was so sick I could barely walk, and I functioned like an invalid. Most of the time, my preteen daughter prepared the family meals. My kids also went food shopping. I’d drop them off at the grocery store with a list and wait in the car. That’s because walking hurt too much.

It also hurt to stand and to move around the kitchen. So I relied on my daughter to make dinner. (To this day, she’s an excellent cook.)

Does Fibromyalgia Cause Lack of Energy?

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Another problem was that I didn’t really have the energy to stand at the kitchen counter. But one time I needed to. This was to prepare a meal, for a meal train coordinated by our church. I needed to prepare a big batch of food, enough to feed at least a dozen people.

I wasn’t used to cooking, because my daughter had taken over the kitchen. So it was devastating when I realized I couldn’t stand at the counter for more than a few minutes, without becoming exhausted. This really drove the point home that my health was terrible, and that I needed to do something drastic.

But my story has a really happy ending. It took years to get better. I now have my life back. However, I think this wouldn’t have taken so long if I had done what I was avoiding. That was changing my eating habits. Instead of eating junk, I started eating real food. Most of what I ate was organic.

Slowly but surely, my energy returned. I don’t think I’ll ever have the energy of a perfectly healthy person. But at least I can work full time, run my house and cook the family meals.

Fibromyalgia and Lack of Energy

One of the things I’m happy I did was to seek medical care outside of the mainstream. I saw several incredible holistic healers. Even though I had to pay out of pocket, it was money well spent. I probably would have spent almost as much with prescription co-pays if I decided to treat my condition with drugs.

However, I knew enough about natural healing to know that drugs weren’t going to cure me. They would relieve the symptoms. But this relief would also come with side effects. All drugs can cause side effects.

No drug was going to hit the root cause of my condition. One of the healers I saw pinpointed the real problem as adrenal fatigue. This is a diagnosis that regular doctors don’t make. That’s because they don’t believe it’s real. They will diagnose full-out adrenal failure, a life-threatening condition. But there’s apparently a large gray area between perfectly healthy and having no adrenal function.

Fibromyalgia Body Fatigue

It’s believed that taking care of your adrenal glands can allow them to recover. This involves getting rid of as much stress as possible. I realize this is easier said than done. But I needed to, because it felt as if my very existence depended upon it.

So I took a good look at one relationships that was causing a lot of stress. It was a platonic friendship, not a romantic relationship. There was absolutely no upside to staying in this relationship. It took me a little while to figure out who and what was causing so much chaos. But once I did, I immediately cut ties with this person. This was one of the best things I ever did, for my health.

Fibromyalgia lack of energy

Fibromyalgia Fatigue Worse Than Pain

It’s difficult to say what was worse, the fatigue or the pain. If I had to choose one, I’d say the pain. But the fatigue was also pretty annoying.

Fortunately, both of these symptoms improved, as my body recovered. In addition to stress reduction, I also started eating real food, as opposed to junk. This was a step I didn’t want to take. But I needed to. I also needed to give up certain foods that were feeding my inflammation. These happened to be some of my favorite foods. But I’ve been able to find substitutes.

I know that changing your diet is a tall order. That’s why I encourage people to sign up with Real Plans healthy meal planning service for a month. You will get recipes, as well as shopping lists to help you put real food meals on the table. You also have access to telephone and chat support. You don’t need to stay with Real Plans indefinitely. Just for a month or two, to get over that learning hump.

Fibromyalgia and Tired Muscles

Nowadays, I’m feeling much better. I still get tired if I try and do too much. But I’m living a pretty normal life again, and I’m so grateful. In addition to eating better and getting rid of as much stress as possible, I also used a lot of natural remedies and tried different healing methods. Some worked better than others. You can learn about everything I did in an easy-to-follow online course that’s designed to help you find your own unique way to heal. (What works for one person may not work for another.)

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    1. I’m not familiar with Boost, so I don’t know enough to say whether or not I’d use it. If it’s all natural I might. But the only way I’ve found to feel better is to get healthy from within. Working on my general overall health led to an increase in energy.

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