Dealing With Foot Pain From Fibromyalgia

dealing with foot pain from fibromyalgia

Despite having widespread body pain for more than a decade, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I’ve had all kinds of aches and pains. But I don’t suffer from chronic foot pain.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everybody. After spending time in various fibromyalgia communities, it’s become really clear that foot pain is pretty common. It also seems to be pretty stubborn.

I’ve had little twinges in my feet. Sometimes I get a fleeting burning sensation. But it always goes away rather quickly. So I don’t consider myself as someone who suffers from foot pain.

When my illness was at its worst, the pain in my back would sometimes shoot down into my ankles. Still, this is different from the burning and misery that others describe.

If I did have chronic foot pain, however, there are two things that I would do. Here’s how I’d approach it.

Dealing With Foot Pain From Fibromyalgia

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The very first thing I’d do to fight back against chronic foot pain is to see a homeopath. That’s because this type of healing has already helped me so much. This is one of the first things I did when I was hit earlier this year with TMJ. I had been feeling pretty well. But excruciating jaw pain seemed to come from out of nowhere.

I did some at home exercises with minimal success. Then, I tried to dull the pain with hand reflexology and a special essential oil blend. The hand reflexology brought a little relief. The essential oil blend I used really did take the edge off.

The bottle you see below is my very favorite aromatic pain blend. I first tried it after the company sent me some for free, to review. I’ve since ordered more and paid for it. I can’t say enough about Cooling Waters Anti-Inflammatory blend. The formula is very strong, and needs to be diluted with a carrier oil. So one bottle will last a long time.

Cooling Water Anti-Inflammatory BlendCooling Water Anti-Inflammatory Blend

Foot Pain Related to Fibromyalgia

But these were only superficial remedies. I needed some deep healing. So I took a homeopathic remedy I knew would probably help. I also made an appointment with a chiropractor.

Anyway, though, I’m talking about my jaw pain and how I approached it. I’d do the exact same for foot pain. Actually, I’d also be relieved the pain was in my foot and not in my head. That’s because according to homeopathic practice, pain that’s lower in the body is less deep rooted.

With foot pain I’d try some sort of energy healing, and homeopathy would be first on my list. If I couldn’t find a good homeopath, I’d see a chiropractor or an acupuncturist. My dearly departed homeopath who helped me through the worst of this used to describe acupuncture as “homeopathy with needles.”

Although I can’t claim or promise these healing methods will work, they are certainly worth a try, and you’ll never know until you try. I’ve found that for myself, as my body gets healthier, all of my various symptoms are less intense.

Fibromyalgia and Foot Pain at Night

For a lot of us, it does seem as if pain flares up at night. I know this was the case with my jaw pain. I could go much of the day relatively pain free. However, the pain would strike as afternoon turned into evening.

There are various types of drugs often prescribed for foot pain. However, I was totally committed to natural healing. I’ve never taken any of the common fibromyalgia drugs, and I don’t plan to. Although they may offer temporary relief from symptoms, these medications do not cure and generally do not lead to greater wellness.

There are exceptions to everything though. But drugs were not how I chose to fight my illness.

Having foot pain at night is a great symptom to bring to a homeopath. It can help him or her choose the right remedy. The time of day your pain hits, as well as the weather that causes it, are questions a homeopathy will ask. Unusual symptoms are good as well. One would be hair that hurts when it’s moved, a problem that may also plague people with fibromyalgia.

Natural remedies for chronic foot pain

Fibromyalgia Foot and Calf Pain

If I had foot pain I’d probably also ask my doctor about orthopedic shoes. But I’d still try and treat it from within, by trying to make my body as healthy as possible, in order to reduce excess inflammation. This is what causes our pain. Reducing it will likely lead to improvement.

My personal motto is to try to attack the pain naturally on a number of levels, coming at it from as many angles as possible. That’s what I did. I never thought there would be a single magic bullet that would cure me. I never expected a cure. But I do know our bodies are capable of great healing. So that’s what I tried to do.

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