I’m so happy you’ve found my site. I’ve been living with chronic pain for more than a decade. But the main point is that I’m living well.

I’ve never taken drugs to manage my condition. (Aside from a few ibuprofen pills early on. These, by the way, didn’t even touch my chronic nerve pain.)

So I’m totally committed to natural healing. It took me years of trial and error to arrive at a point where my life returned to normal. This site is being developed as a resource for others.

Although I’m not a doctor, and I can’t give medical advice. I can share my personal story. Pain was my enemy. Now it’s my friend. I’ve made peace with it. It’s taught me a lot. And, most importantly, I’m now able to help others.

On this site, I’m sharing with you ways that will hopefully make your healing journey successful. I’m convinced our bodies are designed to heal. Given the right tools, and the right mindset, they can do that.

I’ve used a combination of healing methods. When you’re as sick as I was, there’s no such thing as one magic remedy. (So don’t believe anyone who says there is.)

My body was in terrible shape. So I needed to attack the problem from all angles. The best thing I did was to change my diet. I know this is a difficult process. But it meant the difference between better health and a life of infirmity. (At my worst, I could barely walk.)

Healing From Chronic Pain

Also, my healing path included homeopathy, a form of acupuncture and chiropractic care. In addition, I use herbal remedies and essential to tame the inflammation.

Many people have asked me what I did to regain my health. To explain this in detail would take forever. It was a lot trial and error. It took years, sometimes traveling down blind alleyways.

So, to simplify things, I compiled my healing journey into an easy-to-follow course. This course contains more than 20 videos, as well as text instructions. I can’t claim or promise that anyone who takes this course will see the same results. But I hope it will inspire you to embark upon your own healing journey.

Being sick is expensive. Many people living with chronic pain can’t work. Plus, they typically spend a lot of money on doctor bills and prescriptions. That’s why I priced my course so that everyone can afford it. For more information, click on the image below.

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